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Julieann Pepperill is an emerging Anmatyerre artist, born in 1968. She grew up in the tiny community of Ti Tree, north of Alice Springs. In the early 1990ís Julieann and her husband Paul Janima-Purvis moved to Stirling Station, 255km South of Tennant Creek.
Julieann is a member of one of the most renowned painting dynasties in Australia. Through her marriage to Paul, her aunties include Kathleen and Gloria Petyarre, and great aunt Emily Kame Kngwarreye and the highly talented Numina sisters.
Julieann was taught by her relatives to paint the Yam Dreaming story from the familyís country which she does so with stunning execution.
Julieann depicts the leaves of the yam, paying homage to the spirit of this special plant in the hope that it will regenerate. The style of artwork belongs to her desert people of Central Australia and represents stories for hunting and gathering in their traditional country and body markings for women's ceremonial business.